ZTGD: Call of Duty: World at War Review

ZTGD writes: "When Activision announced it was returning to World War II for the next chapter of the Call of Duty series, a collective groan could be heard around the world. CoD 4 was one of the best games released last holiday and a lot of people attribute that to the fact that the team was finally able to sever the ties to the war that never seems to end in gaming. World at War heads back to familiar ground and there is no doubt developer Treyarch had to know that their game needed to be top-notch for jaded players to head back to this battleground. Thankfully if you are willing to let go of your hatred towards games in this time period World at War is easily the best entry in the series to date, as well as being on of the best FPS experiences I have ever encountered."

+ Co-op mode is a great addition
+ Multi-player is still king
+ Gorgeous visuals
+ Incredible set pieces

- Not everyone will be thrilled that it is WWII
- Campaign is a bit short

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