GamerVision: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review

To get the most of the game you must know a good deal about Rare's past titles and their sales records, as well as being a Banjo Kazooie fan that has no problem seeing the past two games shit on and ignored in favor of a new, strange gameplay mechanic. Not only that, but it's filled with text and dialogue, and can be quite difficult at times despite having the graphical appeal of games generally meant for children. In other words, they really cut their target audience short, and only a specific breed will really enjoy the game without being overwhelmed by its repetitive and oftentimes unrewarding gameplay.

It's filled with good ideas and the vehicle customization and creation works on many levels, but without anything to tie it all together it feels lackluster, and it's definitely not the sequel Banjo Kazooie fans have been waiting for.

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