ZTGD: Left 4 Dead Review

ZTGD writes: "The idea of making a first-person shooter that involves zombies is not a new concept. In fact the zombies and videogames have been synonymous for quite some time now. Left 4 Dead may sound like every other game you have played before on paper, but until you experience it first-hand you cannot begin to imagine just how good it really is. Instead of focusing on a huge back-story that explains why the city is run amok with the undead the game focuses on cooperation, intense action and most importantly fun. Never before has a game transitioned between the campaign and online modes so flawlessly nor has a game with seemingly so little content been able to remain fresh over and over again. Left 4 Dead is quite possibly the perfect zombie game and one of the most pleasant surprises of the holiday season."

+ Co-op perfection
+ Highly replayable
+ Extremely satisfying
+ Controls are fantastic
+ AI is excellent

- Campaign is only four episodes
- Needs more content

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