GOA REVIEW : LittleBigPlanet

GOA Writes : LittleBigPlanet (LBP) is the product of 3 years work by Media Molecule. Since its first unveiling, LBP has boasted a lovable main lead and a world full of creatable possibilities, so has Mm proved its worth, or is it just a case of another over hyped, under developed game?

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Kaz Hirais Scrotum3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Whew! The money that I spent buying reviews and paying N4G members to market this game has made me sweaty.

Yoma3367d ago

your intelligence shows 0

ultimolu3367d ago


You're a loser.

Yoma3367d ago

So cute, so fun, so good, but why don't it sell good?

thor3367d ago

I have no idea. It's a great tragedy. Well, I mean it hasn't sold _badly_, it just hasn't sold as well as it should have. It's been advertised heavily, it's fantastic, it's got wide appeal, it doesn't make sense. Oh well who really cares it's fantastic to play and that's all that really counts. Screw the majority of PS3 owners who are missing out on one of the best gaming experiences ever.


@thor just accept the fact that not every one like a game just because it looks cute and high reviews.I have a ps3 but i do not like LBP(YES I HAVE PLAYED IT BEFORE).All i need is another mindless shooter and im happy......