GameZone: Sonic Unleashed PS3/360 Review

GameZone writes: "It is sad to see a gaming mascot fall from such a lofty perch. It seems like ages ago now that Sonic was once one of the premier gaming mascots. Back on the Sega Genesis, players would love speeding around the courses seeing who can beat each level the fastest. This was Sega's answer to Nintendo's plumpy plumber. After the first Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast, Sonic couldn't "find his footing" anymore. This mascot has been in a wide variety of games that throw in new gimmicks (guns, multi-character switching, and more), but they just didn't "feel" like a Sonic game. This is mostly due since the developers have not focused on what makes a true Sonic game - sense of pure speed mixed with adventure and action. There is a new Sonic game in town hopping to change that, and it is entitled Sonic Unleashed."

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