Lens of Truth: Resistance 2 Review

Lens of Truth writes, "Resistance 2 is a game well worth its $60 price tag. It's one of the best shooters available on the PlayStation 3 and one of the console's strongest exclusives. It does what a sequel is almost universally meant to do; improve on the original and make it bigger, prettier, and, generally, more fun to play. The single player campaign and multiplayer modes more than hold their own, but the excellent, "icing-on-the-cake" 8 player cooperative campaign augments the value of Resistance 2 considerably, easily making it one of the best games available on the market."

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Radiodread3396d ago

for giving R2 a 6/10 and lowering the score on metacritic. It's just such an unbalance out of all the other reviews that give the game a 9/10. F!ck edge that's the last time I even glance at their mag.

RudeSole Devil3396d ago

Look at those videos and screen shots the game looks awesome. What edge give Fable 2? Fable 2 sucks and gets 9 across the board.

dukadork3396d ago

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and this is why I never go out w/o my AdBlockPlus plugin

evildeli3396d ago

I'm not paying $60 for this game, maybe $59.99, but surely you can't be serious?

RudeSole Devil3396d ago

The 60 multilayer online is worth the $60.00 alone. I would pay $80 for this game. Just don't tell Sony.

evildeli3396d ago

SO that's basically a dollar per person online. That's not too bad.