1UP: Persona 4 Review

1UP writes: "For all of the restless hand-wringing over how Japanese role-playing games must evolve from their dusty, dated conventions and myopic cultural perspectives in order to appeal to Western gamers, I think it's telling that one of the most successful recent Eastern RPG exports is also the most unapologetically Japanese. Atlus imports Persona's modern-day Japanese trappings completely intact, requiring Western players to juggle myriad polysyllabic Japanese personal and place names, a host of linguistic honorifics (sure, everyone knows -san, but how about -tan?) an unfamiliar Japanese academic and holiday calendar (when was the last time you celebrated Respect for the Aged Day or lugged your backpack to school on a Saturday?), and plenty of exotic cultural conventions. Oh, and this is all on top of a series in which the protagonists summon "Personas" -- obscure mythological figures from various worldwide religions and folk traditions that take the form of demons -- in order to battle evildoers".

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TheColbertinator3335d ago


RPG of the year confirmed?!

Danja3335d ago

been saying that for Months now....

soljah3335d ago

this is the reason why Sony should have kept a backward compatibility option on the ps3. some of the best games are still ps2 bound with this and the kingdom hearts game releasing soon. what is it 9 years that the ps2 has been around and still kicking.

callahan093335d ago

Highest rated exclusive game of the year, confirmed (so far):

1UP - 100%
GamePro - 100%
Gamervision - 100%
GamerTell - 99%
RPGFan - 94%
GameZone - 87%

Out of 6 reviews, so far, it's got a 96.7% average. Can't wait to see what IGN have to say about it. Curious about Game Informer and Eurogamer as well.

meepmoopmeep3335d ago

i've already pre-ordered this a month ago.
i also ordered Amazon's exclusive Social Link Expansion set

sweet, can't wait to get the T-shirt :)

but to answer your question Steven, NO, Valkyria Chronicles should be JRPG of the year!


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Homicide3335d ago

Oh man, I can't wait for next week.

littletad3335d ago

Holy smokes, and I was thinking of getting Persia. Better get this fast, you know how Atlus games tend to be hard to find months later.

Danja3335d ago

yup P3:FES is already hard to find...i already pre-ordered 3 copies of this game...^.^

joemayo763335d ago

i got my copy locked down ^_^


Skyreno3335d ago

ME TOO !! This game is getting alot great reviews 95,100 A+ WoW....

Lelouch V Brit3335d ago

WOW!!! A+??? Yes We Get A Excellent RPG Game.

GWAVE3335d ago

Last Remnant for the supposed "king of RPGs" or Persona 4?

Hmmmmm. I'll take Persona 4, thank you.

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The story is too old to be commented.