GTA 4 (PC): The ups and downs of the graphics effects

PCGH reveals the advantages and disadvantages of the PC version of GTA4. Poor shadows and textures contra good particle effects and big range of visibility.

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poindat3241d ago

*Insert GTA 4 was crap complaint here*

Finally the PC version is almost here. The graphics are much nicer than the console counterparts. Too be expected, I guess, but I haven't played a proper PC game in maybe over a year. This will change that, hopefully, if there is mod support.

Bolts3240d ago

Basically the short comings of the consoles are being carried over to the PC version. Thats nothing new. Rockstar is not adding new shader effects or improvements, they're merely using the PC's power to run GTA 4 at it's best.

Charmers3240d ago

I think Rockstar have surpassed themselves in producing perhaps the worst port in history. This game looks worse than the console version on a PC that is 2 - 3 times more powerful. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for this travesty of a port.