Sony Gives Blu-Ray Discs for Free

Sales of movies on Blu-ray discs have surpassed sales of motion pictures on HD DVDs in the USA, a market study by a market tracking agency claims. But that is not a surprise: Sony has bundled some PlayStation 3 game machines with a BD movie and included a voucher for another Blu-ray disc, essentially shipping several hundreds of thousands Blu-ray movies for free.

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bung tickler4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

haha thats great, the only way blu-ray can beat HD-DVD is by giving BR away for free. losers.

You would think that being a "game system" they would have given the gamers a "$30 off any game coupon" instead... hmm wonder what sony's focus really is... gee i wonder...

Arkham4304d ago

Hint: There's a shift-key on your keyboard.

Hint: Hey, if your mom's calling you for dinner, take a break and post later. Don't rush it, Shirley.

Merovee4304d ago

Actually the site reporting it is based solely off of sales from major retailors and E-tailors so, um, yeah.

Torch4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

I take this with a molecule of salt, as it sounds like nothing more than bogus viral marketing to me.

This so-called "free" give-away is news to me considering that I received no disc (or coupon for that matter) whatsoever with my 60 gig machine. Nor has anyone else I know who've purchased the same.

Besides, as far as I understand, the only systems that shipped with a free movie are the 20-giggers (at least here in Canada)...and I think it's gererally agreeable that they're nowhere nearly as popular as their beefed-up how much of a significant sales impact could these "free" movies have possibly made on the HD numbers???

Admittedly though, I'm disappointed with Sony's decision to omit the inclusion of a movie with the more-expensive 60's. On the other hand, if it was gonna HAVE TO be the mediocre Taladega Nights, I don't miss the omission one little bit.

Now more importantly: When the heck are Blockbuster and Rogers gonna allow me to start RENTING those nice 'n juicy BR flicks???

testerg354305d ago

Talladega Nights came with the first 100k(? actually forgot the number) PS3s. I know cause my 60gig version came with it along with coupons.

OutLaw4305d ago

I have both Blu ray and HD but at the moment there are more studios supporting Blu Ray over HD So I could believe this article.

I prefer for some reason the blu ray side and when I compare the two my blu ray looks a little sharper than my HD add-on from MS.

quen_gta24305d ago

I bought the 60 gig ps3 on launch and recieved Talladega Nights for free. The coupon book they are refering to is not for a free blu-ray movie, but to get a 10 dollar mail in rebate on select titles.

holynerds4305d ago

MS shipping King Kong - for free - with the HD-DVD drive.

this really isnt news at all.

hitthegspot4305d ago

Blu Ray is not consumer friendly... Sony wants to hang you from your anckles and get every copper penny from your pocket. If they get their way, they will have you buy a disk for your PS3, PSP and any other device that can play a video. HD DVD spec is written with the understanding that you will own other video devices and want to only purchase a movie once and take it with you... Wake up...

DJ4305d ago

Is it too evenly priced with HD-DVD? Does it offer too much space for movies and games? What are you getting at?

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The story is too old to be commented.