Black Friday: Wii crowned, economy still down

Black Friday 2008 will be remembered as a slight, but pleasant bump in a rocky road for retail this holiday. Fitting, then, that Wii and its equally scarce sidekick, Wii Fit, were the top search items on the day. As it turns out, folks wanted to shop (172 million to be exact!), they just couldn't always buy what they were searching for. With Wii in short supply at retail, eBay merchants continued to turn profits on resales of the console with an average selling price of $349. Overall, online shopping totals grew modestly relative to last year.

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LokMessier3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Yes the economy is still down, almost no surprise there since the matter is being fixed by politicians simply throwing money into the fire, which only causes the fire to spread; but that is something entirely different.

Wii is probably still king because of simplicity and the fact that many people (Older and a bit younger than 13 I'd say) converse about it more. Even at my store when I worked thanksgiving and black friday we had a rip off of the wii called the 'Wireless sports video game system' or rather you could see the picture here:

From what I was told by another worker, we sold out of those in a matter of minutes (seven If I remember him correctly). So obviously a bit of the simplicity is the helping factor in the Wii, prices don't seem to matter all to much to those who are older, (not to say people don't care about price ranges). Just that as long as it's simply, built around a bit of family fun and is great for both the adults as well as the children. Well then it wins.

Off-Topic once again: Hilarious picture :p, especially that smiley face.

Oh and to further elabotate on that wireless sports game, It's pretty cheap. Everything feels so light and like plastic (I fiddled around with one in the store). If I recall even the system uses batteries and the 'mote' uses them to.

kunit22c3491d ago

lol you have to get your facts straight (the system uses batteries) wtf? no, no system uses batteries, and its because its a family console that it is selling so good, well yeah thats part of it, but most of it is the price, if they tried to sell wii at $600 (like sony tried to sell their system) it would be a major fail, and yet the ps3 still needs another price drop, over at target on black friday (i was there) they had ps3 sitting in the middle of the isle, a big stack of like 30, then over were the games usualy are (in the glass cabinets) there were alot of people there trying to get a Wii and then after like 3 minutes a worker stood up and announced that there were no more Wii's left and yet when i left the store there were 2 ps3's gone... but dont get me wrong there were some people by the ps3 games just not by the console.. it needs a price drop, i really think that the ps3 did the whorst on black friday.