TVG: Wheelman Q&A Feature

It's fair to say that Midway hasn't been the most successful video game publisher of late; Unreal Tournament largely fell flat, and there's been a lukewarm reception towards the latest instalment of the long-running Mortal Kombat franchise. But with a new year looming comes new hope, with the February release of Wheelman. The latest title to come from Midway's internal studio in Newcastle is the second video game to star Hollywood's broody strongman, Vin Diesel, and has been a co-production between Midway and Diesel's own Tigon video game outfit.

An over-the-top, open-world, driving action game that sees Diesel's likeness as an undercover operative in Spain's cultural capital of Barcelona, Wheelman is trying to align itself with the likes of GTA, Saints Row, Burnout, and even Driver.

They're certainly some heavy-hitting franchises, but can Wheelman actually live up to the hopes of its maker? TVG sat down with Craig Duncan, Midway Studios Newcastle's chief, to understand why the Wheelman will be arriving in top gear…

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