Google reveals Chrome extensions plan

Google has published its plan to build into Chrome what is arguably its most requested feature: the ability to accept extensions that can customize how the open-source Web browser operates.

And guess what? Google's dependence on advertising notwithstanding, one of the extension examples the company points to is the ability to block advertisements.

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Rikitatsu3393d ago

Is the best browser ever.

You gotta give it time to realize its awesomeness

MAR-TYR-DOM3393d ago

"You gotta give it time to realize its awesomeness"
Those are the key words, that's why I'll be sticking with Firefox for now. I gave chrome a try but it a ways away from being a primary browser. Im sure they will improve!

3393d ago
Theoneneo813393d ago

They need a mac version asap

DJ3393d ago

'Cause the Opera-based browser in place is still a tad slow.

Ro11z3393d ago

Browser its Sonys own Netfront browser its the same one they use in Sony ericsson phones and the PsP its NOT opera

uie4rhig3393d ago

but its a shame really that they don't use Opera.. coz its much better than netfront.. i want firefox in PS3.. and with extension support :( if not Google Chrome or something :(

bleachrulez3393d ago

i use it now , i do miss , those add on firefox has do

Danja3393d ago

Chrome is the fastest browser but the tabs crashes occasionally for no I'll stick to Firefox....for now...

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