Armchair Empire Reviews: Red Alert 3

Armchair Empire: "I was really looking forward to Red Alert 3. While it managed to reward that anticipation somewhat – why do I love full-motion video so much? – the experience was less fun thanks to a level of micromanagement that has no place in a real-time strategy game as fast as Red Alert 3.

Nearly every unit in Red Alert has some kind of alternate mode or "power-up" – it's not relegated to the new Rising Sun faction, which features units "inspired by" anime characters and Transformers."

*The Good*
- Has that definite Red Alert flavor
- FMV segments are as cheesy as they should be
- Two-player campaign co-op
- Radial menus are pretty good.

*The Bad*
- Micromanagement in a game this fast is awful, especially dealing with a radial menu
- Pathfinding issues, especially with water-based units
- Camera feels too close even when pulled all the way out

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