Loot-Ninja: Killzone 2 Beta Impressions

Loot-Ninja writes: "In terms of hype, I'm not sure there's much on the PlayStation platforms that comes close to the Killzone franchise. From the CGI trailers to being called the end-all-be-all of console shooters, there's a lot to live up to with Killzone 2. By now we've all seen the amazing in-game videos and no one can deny the game is flat out beautiful. But more importantly, how does it play? I've had a chance to spend a good deal of time with the Killzone 2 Beta on the PS3. Read on for how it stacks up.

Like I said, graphically the game is top notch, even in the multiplayer beta. Character models, animations, and the environment all look fantastic. In the same breath, sounds are done equally as well. Various gun shots, explosions, and environmental effects are some of the best I've heard in a shooter recently".

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Kaz Hirais Scrotum3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

No color = mind blowing graphics. Spread the word.

Mr Fancy Pants3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

considering your comment is just sarcasm, right? then by your logic GeoW2 is the worst looking game ever? because it has even less color than the Killzone2 beta...

edit: and what's the problem with the color anyway? the combination of the art and color palette looks splendid, it gives it a lot of style.

MIA3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

When is the final product expected to launch?

pilotpistolpete3365d ago

It's alright, the OP is just jealous and is running out of bad things to say.

I like the atmosphere, for some reason, it reminds me of Ridley Scott and Alien.