GamerTM: Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Import Review

GamerTM writes: "
If Nippon Ichi's cult Disgaea series has taught us anything over the years, it's that all other strategy RPGs are, in direct comparison, laughably feeble. While a super-levelled powerhouse in something like Final Fantasy Tactics might brim with pride and expect a cookie after landing an attack for a couple of thousand damage, it's not uncommon to see Netherworld residents hit so hard that the game has to abbreviate damage figures just to stop the screen getting drenched in number soup.

But as ever, this kind of overkill is saved for the post-game, the domain of the seriously hardcore and the area in which Disgaea (and indeed Nippon Ichi's hit-and-miss other titles) impresses most. You can see through the superbly written story before even hitting Level 100 without touching any of the optional extras like the Item and Class Worlds or dabbling too much in the bafflingly brilliant Homeroom mechanics (more on all this shortly), but it isn't until after the main storyline starts to wind down that your quest for those extra 9,899 levels begins. So for now, it's probably best that we concentrate on the stuff that happens prior to that."

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Wildarmsjecht3395d ago

This game is just great. Any fan of a humorous strategy rpg shouldnt be without this title. Considering NIS doesnt usually print alot of copies of their titles, it wont be long till this title goes the way of Ico and becomes hard to find.