Japanese Retailers: Used 360s > Used PS3s

You might think that no one in Japan wants an Xbox 360. But you know what they want less? The 20 GB model of the PLAYSTATION 3. Mega retailer Sofmap is only giving 27,000 yen cash to folks trading in a used 20GB PS3 and 27,500 yen for a used Xbox 360. This is what you might call a raw deal for resellers, as the 20 GB model of the PS3 retails for 49,980 yen, while the 360 goes for a much cheaper 38,980.

Mock Sony's choice to limit European PLAYSTATION 3 sales to the 60 GB model, but maybe they're right.

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highps34331d ago

So when it cost more you guys bash it, when it cost lost you bash it. lol smart.

PS360PCROCKS4331d ago

It doesn't cost less, it's worth less, read the story

calderra4330d ago

Yes- they're saying the 20G PS3 actually "TRADES IN" for less, meaning it's worth less, than the Xbox 360.

And personally, I don't think this means they're right to limit Europe to the 60G version- Japan is more accepting of the "cool" factor of ultra-high-def TVs and paying more for a chic gadget (see Sony's own propaganda). Europe... not so much. Look at all the petitions already circulating- Europe wants the cheaper 20G.

CyberSentinel4331d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Trash it.

Scrumptious4329d ago

it would be the 20gb one after price drops. The 360 has far better multimedia abilities, and streams media from the PC. Since multi-platform games are superior on 360 and 360 has far greater multiplayer, the only reason to purchase a PS3 is for the few exclusive games. Any good exclusive will be a ways off though.