Mirror's Edge time trial guide's guide to Mirror's Edge.

From the guide: "Do you love Mirror's Edge? Well we here at Sarcastic Gamer are knee deep in Faith's leaps of faith and to help you Parkour your ass off in style, a helpful member of our Community has put together a helpful guide to keep you alive and be the fastest mofo on your friends' list."

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Daver3492d ago

this game is so frustrating that it makes the game bad, i loved the concept, it was innovation but the difficulty turned me off, i didnt even finish the game yet

NaiNaiNai3492d ago

difficult, wow you must really suck at games, i beat the game on hard mode with no guns, and did that in like 3 hours, i beat hard mode with guns in 2 hours and 5 minutes, you should stop playing games and pick up another hobby.

Daver3492d ago

Look at the crying baby who is trying to get his revenge on your lost post of the other day... pathetic