Sarcastic Gamer's Game of the Year Nominee picks its first Game of the Year Nominee and it's probably not a game that you'd immediately suspect.

From the article: "This year was pretty good for gamers. We all got a little bit to play, while RPG lovers got a TON of new games to play. Overall, while there were some good games that came out early in 2008, the big hitters and critical darlings all seemed to drop on each other week after week in November and October. After the wreckage there's only one question left.

What was the game of the year? Well, over the course of this week, I'll post five articles with my five GOTY contenders. The first one is a shooter and it's probably not a game that you were expecting.

My first pick, after the jump."

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Pennywise3489d ago

FC2... really?

I hope he is being his normal sarcastic self... toss up between FC2 and BF:BC. REALLY?

JSA-Gamer3489d ago

Try reading the post before posting dumb comments... You're just making yourself look foolish.

Pennywise3489d ago

JSA, get away from me with your arrogant comments. Yeah it might be his nominee, but I never said anything about it being his GOTY... even for nominee... READ MY COMMENT BEFORE RESPONDING. Makes you look foolish.

I read the whole article.... dont come at me wielding your sword of comprehension.

So back to bashing others, MR. Righteous.

Darkseider3489d ago

Here's hoping there is sarcasm in those picks otherwise all I can say is WTF?! I can name 5 games that are leaps and bounds above FC2 and in no particular order.

Fallout 3
Gears 2

JSA-Gamer3489d ago

Hey dummies, its a nominee for Game of the Year, it's not their pick...

Reading Comprehension FTW!

sinny3489d ago

@JSA :
You should learn to read not them
They said that there are better things than Farcry 2 to be nominees for the GOTY award.

Darkseider3489d ago

I read the article asshat and regardless they still said Farcry 2 should be a nominee.

Kleptic3489d ago

I see where he is coming from I guess...and definitely agree Far Cry 2 should be in the running...but should never win it...

I didn't really notice any 'graphical glitches' either...sometimes the game did look piss poor though, other times...stunning...all depended on the time of day, dusk and dawn was ridiculous...but night and mid day was pretty cheesy...

the AI had major issues though...I too was playing it on hard...and it may have been realistic I guess...but simply not fun, as you would get spotted from a half mile night, while making no sound...and would have 4 pickup trucks all over you instantly...that and what the hell kind of enemy can take 8 direct shots to the chest from an assault rifle, and be fine?...seems like only a headshot could put someone down at all...

my issues with the game were what many reviewers commented simply felt like work at times...driving around, trying to sneak pass the same camp you just torched 30 minutes ago...relatvely lame missions...and a lot of rpg elements that work in some cases, yet in others drastically slow everything down...the entire malaria issue, with needing to find drugs and stuff, was extremely annoying...reminded me of being a vampire in Oblivion, which nearly ruined the game for me...

and what is with all these open world games having such stupid game save options?...JUST LET US SAVE THE GAME WHENEVER WE WANT!!!...I don't care if that makes it easier or not...I want to get to the beginning of a mission...and be able to start from there if I get killed...not drive 15 miles again just to get to where I talk to some guy to start the mission...then drive another 5 miles to get to the beginning again...its ridiculous...

Pennywise3489d ago

Careful Kleptic, here comes JSA to bash you for responding.

darkdoom30003489d ago

what? really? guess they are starting with the small stuff. i would have expected gears2, lbp or mgs. guess they will be nominated later.