Stop Internet Usage Caps

Internet Usage Caps have been a touchy subject the past few months. The average user dont understand what an internet cap is, nor do they probably care as there usage probably only equates to about 3 or 4 gig a month. There Will come a time when the Avg user will have to fight back though as movie rentals via XBOX 360 and other devices are streamed though the internet costing 4 to 5 gig a rental. Played To Death Magazine, has written a nice life like article about how this could effect you.

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vitz33519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

My ISP caps bandwidth use (both up and down) at a 10GB package for $60/mo. or a 20GB package at $90/mo. ON TOP of your regular phone bill.

You wanna talk about a rip off.

Kale3518d ago

I live in South Africa. We pay, what will equate in US $, is $60 for a 3 gig Cap and we only have a max of a 4meg line. Uncapped your looking at $120 at the very least.

yamamoto1143518d ago

I found this on-site comment insightful.

"I live in Australia and internet usage caps have been the standard here ever since broadband was introduced. It costs me almost US$65 per month for a 100gb ADSL2+ plan. Some of my friends are on 20Gb per month plans because they cant afford more and are constantly unable to play games or go about their business because they have run out of download limit. Im pretty sick of living in the arse end of the technological world. At heart, Australia is still a country made for agriculture and farming.
Dont give up your unlimited download plans USA! You dont realise just how lucky you are :("

resistance1003519d ago

Unlimited Usage with Sky for a tenner a month. Look around and you will find unlimited broadband from most suppliers around

BrotherNick3519d ago

I kinda wish we can punch these companies in the face. Like cell phone companies, it doesn't cost 20 cents to send a text message.

RussDeBuss3519d ago

free broadband on the max package, but i do work for the phone company


FantasyStar3519d ago

Comcast has a 250GB DL Cap. I think it's pretty fair, but I'm against internet caps in any form. I firmly believe internet caps will lead to the downfall of net neutrality.

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