TTH: 38 Studios Interview with Aubrey Hodges

Championship sports teams aren't created through excessive spending alone - just take a look at the New York Yankees as a fine example - and again the same goes for massively multiplayer online game development. Perhaps the man with the most experience to this regard in the game development industry is 38 Studios founder Curt Schilling, and he has been working for months at putting together the best line-up of all-star developers he can find.

One of his most recent hires is 38 Studios' latest Audio Director appointee, Aubrey Hodges. One look at Aubrey's resume shows an incredible list of gaming achievements and products - including DOOM, Quake, and the Madden titles - that he's worked on including credit as one of the first to use MIDI in a video game and the first to use sound effects in an online game. With so many credits to Aubrey's name, Ten Ton Hammer's staff was incredibly interested in why the former EA Tiburon Audio Director left his position to go work at 38 Studios.

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