Burnout: Big Surf DLC no longer free

After the insane amounts of free Burnout Paradise DLC that Criterion has released, it's hardly surprising that the developer has decided to get paid for its next batch of downloadable treats.

The upcoming Big Surf Island update for the ball-out racer was previously touted as free content, like previous DLC packages, but Criterion has confirmed that it will instead be "premium paid-for content".

It didn't reveal a price, but to be fair the update looks bloody brilliant so we wouldn't mind handing over a few quid.

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PoSTedUP3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

and i will support them for working real hard and giving us their previous work for free. they are awesome developers who deserve my money.

XGRaViSmOrSX3459d ago

agreed. this game was totally worth the 29.99 i spent to download it

Ocelot5253459d ago

ok we already got the bikes and weather pack free but
they should keep their promises, because what they now did is lying.

for some people this 'free' island was the final push to buy their game.

-EvoAnubis-3459d ago

Dude, they did free DLC for A YEAR. One entire calendar year. Don't you think maybe it's time they started making money? I'll buy it without hesitation or regret.

PoSTedUP3459d ago

yea if they can make money, then make it. they gotta eat too ya know.

Ghoul3459d ago

Burnout = 1 Year free DLC, Bikes, weather etc.

NFS underground = 12 TWELVE doanloadable dlc packs for a min of 3 bucks each on RELEASE DATE.

nuff said

Jdoki3459d ago

Their original vision for the isalnd would have allowed it to be free.

If you read around you'll see that they have now stated that they have added so much more content than they originally thought - they have to charge for it.

Rather than complaining about lying, why not vote with your wallet and not buy it.

Burnout Paradise has been the best DLC supported game this generation.

Anyone who loves the game would have no issue with Criterion for charging for this. It's certainly no 'horse armour'!!

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-EvoAnubis-3459d ago

It never was free. What planet have these guys been on?

Gothdom3459d ago

When they first started talking about it, they said "maybe".

Don't know what twisted it to "absolutely" but you're right, it wasn't meant to be free. Also, when they released the bike packs, I think they stated in a podcast that the island wasn't free of charge.

The gaming GOD3459d ago

First off, unlike many developers this generation, Criterion put REAL effort and NO excuses into making their game. And the result was this wonderful game that still is selling at a good rate a full year later.

Second, they've been giving us free content for at least a year. It's not like they've been nickel and diming us on stuff that is ALREADY on game discs ( hence, namco bandai).

FunAndGun3459d ago

I also have NO problem purchasing this add-on after all the free updates.

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The story is too old to be commented.