Wii and Wii Fit Top Searched For Items on eBay on Black Friday

Black Friday may have swamped stores across the country, but it also lead to some massive shopping on eBay as well. Top of the list for most searched for item? The Nintendo Wii.

eBay sent out a press release today to crow about their Black Friday successes, talking up the most searched for items among their many auctions.

The most searched for product on eBay across all categories on Black Friday was the Nintendo Wii, 3,171 of which sold on the site. Following it was the Nintendo Wii Fit with 1,059 sold on the site.

The Wii sold on average for $349, while the Wii Fit sold on average for $140. The two other top video game sellers on ebay were the PS3 and "Rock Band Video Game Bundles" which sold for $355 and $100 respectively.

Across the board, Pay Pal (which is owned by eBay) saw 34 percent more transactions than in 2007 and saw a 26 percent increase in online payment volume.

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MIA3338d ago

The only thing I have to say is that everyone I know that owns a Wii Fit board is on the chubby side, and its probably collecting dust in their homes.

Captain_Sony3337d ago

Genius..Pure genius. I would have never thought that overweight people would ever buy a product that helps them lose weight.Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

LokMessier3337d ago

I bet it was the most searched. With many stores not getting in enough shipments ebay is the last resort.