Wounded Troops Donation Drive

Goozex has joined up with Cause to help America's wounded troops. This Holiday season, you can get into the spirit by donating video games and DVDs.

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Jimmy the Greek3335d ago

its always nice to support a good cause with things you love.

CrAppleton3335d ago

For sure! That's too bad ass guys!

bgrundman3335d ago

It is good to see the support for our troops.

CrAppleton3335d ago

Yeah it is. I have a lot of friends in service who I know will LOVE the fact that Goozex is doing this.

killyourfm3335d ago

Way cool Goozex gang. You've got our respect, what an awesome cause.

Qdog3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I spoke to some of my co-workers in Walter Reed, and they're overjoyed to hear about this. I remember getting starbucks coffee in the big silver bags donated to us when my battalion was in the 'stan, and boy it felt good to have a taste of home.

JimmyJames703335d ago

I know that if I was all busted up and forced to be in bed, a couple of good video games would help me recover!

bgrundman3335d ago

Now we just need to get the word out. I think I may send in some of my 360 launch games... It is for a good cause afterall.

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