Three to Watch in December

The Game Reviews takes a look at the month ahead and picks out three games worthy of your holiday gaming time.

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italianbreadman3219d ago

Prince of Persia is looking better and better. A pre-order gets you the limited edition at no extra cost.

cain1413219d ago

Time for my wallet to get a break.

ihaten4glol3219d ago

I was initially excited about Prince of Persia, but not so much lately, because I've gotten so many new games that I'll never have time to finish them all now.

Viewtiful3219d ago

This is going to be a really weak December. Normally we have at least a couple heavy hitters waiting until the last minute. Now we get...Persona 4?

I'm sorry, but Persona 3 really turned me off with its whole dating simulator thing...

SirLarr3219d ago

Normally I wouldn't care about Rise of the Argonauts, but Codemasters has had such a good streak lately I'll have to give it a shot.

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