Nintendo makes $6 from every Wii sold

Analyst also predicts that Wii software will outpace rivals in 2008.

It's common knowledge that Nintendo is the only current platform holder to have made a profit from its hardware from the off, and now a number has been put on that - $6.

A report on Forbes reveals each Wii unit brings in an operating profit of $6 for Nintendo, according to David Gibson, an analyst at Macquarie Securities. By comparison, Sony loses money on each PlayStation sold, while Microsoft is currently able to break even.

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bmatthews3515d ago

are rolling in the green stuff, eh?

talk about sales for a game system...well i don't care really i enjoy playing games on hardcore consoles...

Captain_Sony3515d ago

Sure you enjoy a hardcore system..... Thats why you rushed right into a Wii article huh? Are you enjoying some hardcore paintball? Maybe some hardcore 4 player follow the leader with puppets for 5 year old kids?

Imallvol73515d ago

Stand strong my fellow Wii hater. I am with you to the death . . .


I am never buying the wii (-_-)

xenogamer3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

they would be making more than that.

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Blasphemy3515d ago

Wow you would think with the Gamecube Technology in the system that they would be making way more.

Kholinar3515d ago

Yeah, well... obviously since they sold the GC hardware at a loss all last gen...

Captain_Sony3515d ago

GC=450mhz, Wii = 733mhz.. Pretty easy to see that it isnt simply a GC, but then again if you really cared to know the truth you would have looked into this already. Also please exaplin how BLuetooth was in the GC? Wifi? Sd card support? See you look like a real idiot to anyone who actually knows what comes in the console.

BeNice3515d ago

First off nintendo didn't have a loss on gamecube hardware they launched at the lowest price point last gen too if i remeber. the gamecube was as powerful as the xbox excpet programming was harder and was reoughly twice as powerful as the ps2.So ps2 was holding gaming back just like the wii being the weakest system on the market and winning nonetheless.

Nintendo was the only company operating at a profit last gen sony lost millions despite being market leader and microsft lost aorund 4 billion dollars with launching the xbox brand.It takes about 10 minutes of reasearch online to come up with all of this.

Now onto power, the wii can render 500 million raw polygons per second on screen. And the xbox considered the most powerful hardware last gen can render only 125 million raw polygons and the ps2 according to sony could only render 66 million polygons on screen at once.The wii is about 4 times as powerful as the original xbox so if you think doom 3 and riddick look good those games are powered by much weaker hardware.

The wii's gpu is a 729 mhz powerpc unit which roughly translates to 1.46-2.18 ghz because the powerpc though at lower speeds is as powerful as pentium chips that run 2-3 times faster. The wii is far more powerful than you think.And the wii doesn't have to waste any of that power on hd textures or anything. it also has some of the fastest ram in the industry. The tech inside the wii though rendering fewer polygons than its competition is some of the latest tech. Some of which still remains unexplained.Only nintendo knows.

And yeah nintendo has enough and more money to launch commercail failures like the xbox for two generations before they actually have to worry about money. Nintendo is the only gaming company in this console war because it isn't sticking its hands into other fields like sony who need blu ray to succeed so that the movie production and distribution side of their company is strong. Sony is practically betting their entire company on ths success of this console. Nintendo isn't, they have billions of dollars sitting away for an emergency.

Understand this it costs thrid party companies and first party millions to manufacture your hardcore games and look how long it takes to make thema dn they still have graphical issues and technical issues.And this huge jump in tech has not changed how you play the game.

There were claims of smarter AI, bullet holes and destructible environment allowing for new gameplay.I haven't seen any new game play really come out of this generation that wasn't done in the last. So is all this tech under the hood for nothing but merely a visual upgrade?

Oh yet another thing square enix has probably lost a fair maount of money with the latest jrpgs being launched epic probably didn't profit form unreal tournament 3. And LBP after years in developemtn and the amount of money spent isn't selling. Afrika i don't think did very well either.That probably cost them a fair bit too.Sony cancelled the getaway. Eight days was cancelled.

There have been great games this gen on the HD consoles but nothing groundbreaking because of the tech in their hood.And the games that try to be unique AKA mirror's edge get only decent scores and don't sell well. While rehashes of popular franchises like call of duty world at war sell millions. So basiclal it tells the industry don't take risks with the HD consoles you 'll lose millions they just want the smae old games. The wii still manages to keep companies afloat if they put their efforts there but the old order can't break out of their narrowmindedness. They think the furutre is the hardcore gaming base and more tech is the answer.

Companies going under and mergers , you are going to see afari bit if your favorite gaming companies odn't catch on to the fact that the HD consoles are simply too big of a risk to take and the hardcore base just isn't strong enough to hold up the industry.


Blasphemy3514d ago

Yeah I know Wii has wifi and blu tooth but so does the PS3. PS3 also has the Cell and Blu Ray. If Sony is breaking even on PS3 there is no way in Hell Nintendo is only making $6 per Wii after two years on the market. Like earlier articles said Nintendo made profit from Wii day one.

Sharpshell3514d ago

I don't know if you were refeering to the first year or what, but at the end of the day sony made a killing on the PS2, they didn't "loose millions" in fact the ps3 basically funded by by the ps2

Kholinar3514d ago

"First off nintendo didn't have a loss on gamecube hardware they launched at the lowest price point last gen too if i remeber. the gamecube was as powerful as the xbox excpet programming was harder and was reoughly twice as powerful as the ps2.So ps2 was holding gaming back just like the wii being the weakest system on the market and winning nonetheless. "

Of course they didn't lose money, they never do.

Sorry that the sarcasm came off so poorly. It's just funny to watch people balance a line where they're saying "it's the gamecube 1.5" when the cost estimates have always shown it to be anything but... Also, I think the Wii had a profit margin at the beginning, but Nintendo had to invest in more production to meet the demand. But then you have to deal with people saying they manufactured the shortage...

Tiberium3514d ago

Sony isn't breaking even. They are losing money on each console. The only way they are staying afloat is by milking the ps2 for all it's worth. Pretty sad relying on a last gen console.

xenogamer3514d ago

why are all the games on it so fvcking ugly, i still havent seen anything beat ninja gaiden on the xbox, most of the wii games look like ps2 games, and ive been there done almost a decade ago time to move on.

steveg25643514d ago

So, why aren't you moving on? If you had, you wouldn't be in here complaining.

Mini Mario3514d ago

"Yeah I know Wii has wifi and blu tooth but so does the PS3. PS3 also has the Cell and Blu Ray."

Ahh he was giving examples of what differences are between the gamecube and wii.....he didnt say the ps3 didnt have those things.

"PS3 also has the Cell and Blu Ray."

Its funny i dont remember my NES playing VHS tapes...yet it was quite popular....hmmm weird, it only played games. How bizarre.

AWBrawler3514d ago

Both Galaxy and pokemon battle revolution have better graphics than anything on the original xbox. some of the lighting effects and graphics aren't even possible on two xboxs combined. And from what i've seen of Fatal Frame 4 and the calling, its obvious the wii is a powerful little machine. Heck even Fragile looks awesome for a cel shaded game.

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Gr813515d ago

Was also sold at a profit, Nintendo is an excellent business model to follow.

Also it never fails, Wii news, first post a Wii hater.

cyax3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Wasn't Nintendo breaking even at launch? I thought they would be making more than $6 by now since cost-reduction measures in the production lines coupled with a stable price point should have increased profits.

But still, profit on hardware AND software this generation with the best-selling console shows how Ninty made a great business move.

shysun3515d ago

2 years ago at launch they said they made money on Wii form day ONE. So 2 years later it's only @ 6$? No way in hell it's only making 6$ per system. I have a wii( don't play it) and it doesnt cost 250 to make this GC 1.5!

3515d ago
TapiocaMilkTea3514d ago

there's no way they're making only $6, maybe a year ago, but not now.
It's still the same price after 2 years. It probably only cost them less than $100 to make one.

Maxned3514d ago

You dont have a goddamn wii and its really sad for you to try and cover that up. You wouldnt call if a gamecube 1.5 when there are so many online features, Virtual Console games, Wiiware games, motion controls, and a robust menu.
Everyone who owns a wii likes it. Maybe not as much as a 360 or ps3. But they like it. If they dont like it then they obviously arent buying the GOOD games from the system, not the CRAPPY shovelware titles like Carnival Games or Horsez.

shysun3514d ago

I have a Wii, I don't play it all. The last game I played on it was Tiger Woods( best wii game ever) but that's it. My daughter plays it but I don't touch the thing.

AWBrawler3514d ago

don't be afraid to admit you play the wii. why did you feel the need to point out youhave a wii just to say you don't play it. Heck I i have a wii, but I ain't gone lie like i don't play Halo, Gears, Ninja Gaiden, Folklore, MGS4, and Ratchet and Clank

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