Firing Squad : Left 4 Dead Review

Tom Colarusso writes "It was less than a year ago that Valve unleashed the Orange Box onto the world, showering gamers with a collection of some of the best games of the year, including Portal and Team Fortress 2. This year, it looks like Valve has done it again with the release of the Turtle Rock Studio developed Left 4 Dead, a zombie shooter that not only supports co-op gaming, but downright demands it. Left 4 Dead seems to take just about every zombie movie cliché, tosses them in a blender and hits frappe. What you get afterwards is a deliciously inspired gaming experience that seems to always get you to jump and scream, no matter how many times you play through the various campaign maps, whether it's from the unseen attacks from smokers and hunters or the ominous rumbling (and ensuing cursing) from an approaching tank."

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