TechRadar's 7 days in gaming: PSP 2, DSi video review, Gran Turismo 5 and lots more

"Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the Gates man's hat…"

Yup, that's right folks. It's time for gaming hardware and software companies and their online and high street retailers to start the traditional pre-Xmas price-cutting game, with some rather spectacular credit-crunch-friendly bargains on offer this year.

TechRadar gave you our definitive guide to getting the best Xbox 360 and Wii bargains this week. And it seems that Sony isn't going to take part in the latest round of price cuts, preferring to wait until Easter 2009 before hacking back the RRP of PS3. (Based on information leaked from an SCEE employee which the company was also quick to deny…)

If you're extra lucky you'll manage to nab a new Jasper-based 360, which means you should no longer have any 'red ring of death' worries as you are thirty hours into Gears 2.

Somewhat strangely, Nintendo seems to be jumping aboard the electronic book bandwagon, releasing a collection of a hundred modern classics on the DS on Boxing Day this year. Funny day to launch what seems to be a perfect stocking filler, but hey, who are we to get all 'marketing made simple' on their Japanese asses?...

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