Online PS3 discounts not Sony's work

Eurogamer: Sony has told us that SonyStyle's PS3 prices, which just became among the lowest online, have nothing to do with the platform holder.

"SonyStyle and Sony Centres are franchises. We deal them as we do any other retailer and they have their own freedom to create offers and promotions, just as other players in the market can do," a Sony spokesperson told Eurogamer.

SonyStyle dropped the price of the 80GB PlayStation 3 to GBP 259.00, and lowered the 40GB model to GBP 249.00. Those are better numbers than competitors ShopTo, GAME, Amazon and Play offer.

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You haven't earned a price cut yet. I want more chin time.

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whered all the 360 guys?? who where saying how sony will get killed buy retailers ect for this um there not here
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I alritey got PS3 so im no worry. =)z