GameVortex: Ben 10 Alien Force review


"The Ben 10 Alien Force fans will no doubt rejoice that they've got a better than average action/fighting game to play on the Wii. What isn't here is anything that might catapult Ben 10 Alien Force for Wii to the level where someone that isn't a raving fan of the Ben 10 Alien Force show would seek this out and play it. Not going to happen. This doesn't mean that we can't recommend it beyond the license, just that if the license were stripped off everyone would recognize the game as being very mediocre. Good, creative use of the license and some decent presentation are combined with controls that are adequate to the task, making it a good licensed game. As all gamers know, developers may set out to create good licensed games, but too often end up with something rushed, poorly thought out, and completely frustrating. Ben 10 Alien Force fans can rest assured that Ben and his crew weren't harmed in the making of this game, and there's enough good in here to make it a cautious recommendation for anyone and a solid recommendation for fans of the show."

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