Annualized Game Milking

An opinion article about how big gaming companies continue to rehash the same gaming franchises over and over without allowing for creative development by devopers.

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JOLLY13516d ago

The 360 has been on the market for 3 years and it has 2 Gears of Wars. I thgout that was a bit much then I started to really think about it. With the ps3 only being out for 2 years it has had 2 resistances and 2 rachets. I thought that was insane until I realized that there have 4 Call of Duty's in 3 years. That's just stupid.

Blasphemy3515d ago

And three Guitar Heros within the last. Thats just ridiculous.

9mmPreacher3515d ago

I agree that independant IP is very much appreciated but I also believe that money plays a huge factor in this as well. Unfortunately the time it takes to create something brand new doesn't justify the wait in the big corporates eyes. They want money and right away. If that means putting out a COD5 because it will sell a ton then they will, even if it's just rehashed material.

commando343515d ago

George Lucas= wtf he's cool :(
Mirrors Edge/Dead Space= Win
NHL 09= a well thought out sports game :)
activison= extreme fail.....
EA=less of a fail :)