TVG: Sonic Unleashed Review


"Unfortunately just when it seemed that Sonic Unleashed would easily be the finest Sonic title since Sonic 2, one strange design decision hampers the whole experience and occasionally brings the whole thing down to a stuttering halt. Your guide throughout the whole story is an ice-cream loving companion named Chip, who develops based upon the number of Sun and Moon medals that you collect. In turn these serve as the key to unlocking the Gaia Gates and temples that serve as the main game stages. All too often we found ourselves advancing to the next stage only to be turned away because we hadn't collected enough medals, which in turn meant moving back to the free-form world map to replay through stages in search of medals that you don't particularly care about.

Hunting around the intermittent stages that follow each village on the world map for medals isn't exactly fun or enticing, whether you're in hedgehog or werehog form. It occasionally hints at a compelling use of the day/night dynamic to serve as the occasional puzzle, but the overall dated and confused design bogs down the experience and serves as little more than padding to the otherwise thoroughly engrossing main stages. That said, the ample selection of side missions provide more entertainment than they probably should."

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