TGR: Castlevania Judgment review


"While the graphics disappoint, the sound fairs a bit better due to the fantastic music taken from previous entries of the game. The songs are mostly made up of creepy organ sounds, yet the prevalent themes are all very catchy and are sure to please both fans and newcomers. The sound effects stay true to the anime-theme, with clangs of weaponry and slicing sounds that all sound impactful while also being a bit over dramatic. The voice acting here is typical for the Castlevania series, which is to say that it is somewhat cheesy, but in a good way. For purists, there is a Japanese language track available which makes everything sound a bit more dramatic and fits the graphical theme better.

In the end, Castlevania Judgment is a flawed game and maintains the notion that the series is best left in its 2D origins. While there are plenty of modes to play around with and some decent online combat, the whole package collapses under the weight of its many flaws. If you need some Castlevania action on the Wii, pick up one of the old-school games on Virtual Console, as they are much cheaper than Judgment and won't disappoint."

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Louievillesluggns3427d ago

the graphics for this game great if your talking about art style then I understand what your saying that "anime sweet b**** look the asian artists love so much it has all the guys look like pretty b****** like that inuyasha fighting