TGR: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix review


"The sound effects and voices are clearer versions of the legendary arcade sounds, and are overall as great here as they always have been with the lone exception of the announcer who has been inexplicably replaced. While the new guy does an okay job, the sound of the original announcer was as memorable as the various character voices and will be missed here. Aside from that, the punches sound like they were taken from a 70s kung-fu flick and are very impactful, the screams are blood-curdling, and the character taunts and yells that are spewed mid-fight are as memorable as they ever were. "Hadouken" has never sounded so good.

Despite its absurdly long title, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is a fantastic update to one of Capcom's finest fighters and it makes the arcade classic even better with its new incredible visuals, nicely updated music, timeless gameplay, and terrific online. With Street Fighter IV on the horizon, this is a perfect way to relive the fun of the original series to get you in the mood for the next step. Please, Capcom, make more 2D remakes just like this."

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