KansasCity Reviews: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

KC writes: "That latter point, in fact, is the real story. Whereas recent "Kombat" games have tried half-heartedly to compete with other 3-D fighters, "Universe" essentially brings the game back into the second dimension, presenting fully three-dimensional characters who fight almost exclusively on a flat plane. That, in layman's terms, means "Universe" plays a lot like the original "Kombat" arcade games, combining the fluent animation expected from today's games with gameplay straight out of 1995.

But if you haven't played a "Kombat" game since those days, that means nothing to you. Fortunately, if you came to the party simply because Batman scored an invitation, there's good news there as well. Dual story modes let you play as either faction, and the absurd but entirely enjoyable storyline provides a great means to familiarize yourself with both rosters. The game's a visual mixed bag overall, but the fighters look great in motion, and Midway has stocked each with an ample supply of satisfying moves (including the series' trademark finishers) specific to each."

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