Macworld: T-Mobile G1 review


"While showing plenty of promise, the overall user experience of the T-Mobile G1 left us cold in several areas – especially after using the BlackBerry Storm and, of course, the iPhone 3G, both of which provide a much better experience. Many foibles can be credited to the hardware rather than the interface, and this isn't even the best phone that HTC has made, let alone better than the iPhone 3G. We'll be interested to see what other handset manufacturers come up with based around the Android operating system. Still, many other issues can be laid squarely at the feet of Google itself, which has made a credible mobile operating system but failed to implement some of its best applications. Maybe Google really thinks that it's for the open-source community to create the killer apps for Android, and it may well do so. We're watching the Android Market with interest, it may well be that some of the best ideas appear there first – and if some big name companies show interest, it could change the game completely. We wouldn't trade in our iPhone 3G for this handset, but there's no shame in owning a G1 and it's the certainly the best value-for-money smartphone out there. If you can't afford an iPhone 3G or a BlackBerry Storm then this may well be a bargain alternative. It's affordable and it offers a fast and credible internet and email service."

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