Random Remarks Reviews: The Last Remnant

RR writes: "The game is a turn based Japanese RPG, with a unique combat system which I found to initially be very complex and later on too simple as there are limited options available and often the one you want is not there. The complex part of the system is that rather than having a standard party system, your party is broken down into "unions" of up to 5 characters and each Union has a mix of leaders (typically quest related characters) and soldiers who make up the numbers and your total party size is limited by main quest progression. The simple part of the system is that in combat each union is given a limited number of options based on the number of Action points available and character skills with you having no control over what the options are each turn. This means that even if you have sufficient action points you may not be able to do a certain attack move the enemies are weak against or, resurrect fallen characters in another union even if you have the skills. This does get frustrating after a while."

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