CSM: Ultimate Band review


"The game offers a soundtrack of 35 rock songs from the likes of Weezer, the Doors, Blondie, Modest Mouse, the White Stripes, and My Chemical Romance. Vocals are not supported, so there's no singing; rather, players mimic the poses and gestures of the front man. All songs are re-recorded covers, and vocals change to male or female depending on whether you've selected a male or female frontman for your band.

The ability to customize your band and play all of the instruments in it is fun; the downside is that controls can get overly complicated – especially bass, which involves tilting the Nunchuk as well as pressing down buttons -- and seems less like you're pretending to play an instrument and more like just tapping and waving on the beat. Rock Band and Guitar Hero will give players a better sense of what it's really like to play an instrument, but Ultimate Band is a less stressful, less difficult, and cheaper alternative without large peripherals to take up space."

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