CSM: Chrono Trigger review


"It's difficult to outline all of the features present that make the game as good as it was back in the day. But the highlights include a unique battle system: You can't fight monsters until you're all charged up. Spells include combos that border on being awesome to witness. And even though this is played on a tiny screen, the music, story, and graphics create moods of lightness and happiness, of tension and foreboding.

But wait; there's more. The Dimensional Vortex features an ever-changing series of dungeons that transport you through three time periods. Near the end, you'll enter The Lost Sanctum where you'll go on more missions through time to find and collect new treasures. Over a dozen endings, numerous sub-quests, quirky monsters, and the wireless play make Chrono Trigger a must buy, certainly for those who've never enjoyed it before. But be aware that it's $10 more than the average DS game."

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