Jolt Review: Resistance 2

Jolt: "Epic is also a good way to describe the online co-operative play, which allows up to 8 players to tackle a series of separate levels that contain semi-random objectives and enemy locations. The more players you have, the more intense the action, but while it works for pick-up play, the mode is arguably best enjoyed with a couple of friends. There's a three way class system at work, with one class being able to dish out healing, one able to dole out ammo and a third able to throw up some cover. As big co-op fans here at Jolt, it's a real boon, and the gradual upgrade system works with the level variety to offer some good replayability."

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rroded3515d ago

yeh co-op rocks esp when you get up in levels
got a lvl 30 solder n he owns now working on my spec ops (hardest class to lvl up imo)

Darkseider3515d ago

rocks! I love Spec-OPs and while the hardest to level up is arguably the most destructive of them all. Nothing quite like cloaking and proximity mines to ruin a Chimera's day. Oooh and the Marksman + Electrostatic orb = pwnage.