Random Remarks Reviews: Scene it? Box Office Smash

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I have never played the Scene it? board game but the Xbox 360 version is a series of movie trivia based mini-games, some of which are buzz in to win and others are points given depending on how quickly you answer. The types of game vary from watching a movie clip and answering questions some of which are only loosly based on the clip, to putting films in order of their year of release. There are 2 types of standard game, short games that last 15-20 minutes and long games which last 30-45 minutes depending on the games selected and how quickly people answer.

I also recommend playing with the big button pads rather than the controller as the pads are arranged so that the buttons match up to how the answers are displayed on screen and makes it very easy to play, it also allows up to 4 people to play on one xbox if you get the version with pads or the earlier version with pads Scene it? Lights Camera Action."

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