Muslims craft their own video games

Inside the frosted glass doors of Afkar Media, located in Damascus's newly-built free-zone, software developers are trying to rebuild a civilization inside a video game.

Set to be released in September, "Al-Quraysh" is a strategy game that tells the story of the first 100 years of Islam's history from the viewpoint of four different nations - Bedouins, Arabs, Persians, and Romans.

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The Killer3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

the waves of anti-islam will fill this thread!

on topic: we r starting to see more of different culture video games, thats a good sign, now we will have india and arabs plus europe ,NA,japan!

its only good for the industry and a fresh ideas to gaming!


but i like warcraft 3 and some few more! so not all RTS sucks but yeah many of them do suck and bring nothing new!

riksweeney3335d ago

Me first! Me first!

Right, what am I slagging off? Oh yeah, that's right...

(Takes a deep breath)

Real Time Strategies suck!

Mr_Bun3335d ago

I wonder if Media Molecule/Sony will be looking for a way to delay this game for revenge.

RoyFlav3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Top of the original story in the CSM.

"from the June 05, 2006 edition"...

and The Guardian piece: " Posted on Monday June 5 2006 11.55 BST "

Does anybody read the actual stories?

FAT MAN GO BOOM3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Not a good idea

MAR-TYR-DOM3335d ago

your the type of ignorant person that makes the world hate us.

Anyways, I hope they have good aspirations and kudos for them trying to be different.

va_bank3335d ago

Hard to take you seriously in this thread with that avatar and the screen name :)

Pennywise3335d ago

MAR-TYR-DOM, no sir... It is the fanatic hate monger terrorists that cant stand anything different than what they are used to that gives Muslims a bad name.

And seriously, every other religion catches jokes one way or another - get used to it or ignore them. We joke to enlighten our lives....

And for the record, with your name and avatar you are not doing it any justice. Think about it.

LebaNoob3335d ago


@Pennywise & va_bank
The username and avatar actually show the guy's got a sense of humour. And honestly, the guy's right to get frustrated what with all the OMGTERRORISTLOL each time someone mentions arabs.

You should lighten up though. Kabber 3a2lak, yostoflo shu bi 2oulo ;).

Pennywise3335d ago

I know the name & Avatar are from COD4, but it can be mixed up with religion, especially when he is Muslim.

Everyone is so damn sensitive..... Maybe if people were more passive with their opinions of how everyone else lives this world would be a better place.

LebaNoob3335d ago

Agreed. And it goes for all sides concerned.
And bubbles for everyone :).

Mr_Bun3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Pennywise: the new advocate for peace amongst gamers!

Pennywise3335d ago

lol Bun... wish me luck!!!

I think religion should be banned Worldwide... it would eliminate a lot of discrimination.

Religion = worst invention ever.

MAR-TYR-DOM3335d ago

I CHOSE my avatar and name beacause people can pronounce the word properly. When ever i play online, people always say "marty-dom" that is not correct, the proper pronunciation is MAR TYR DOM. go to, ALSO martyrdom is a really annoying thing in cod4, another reason i chose it.

Mr_Bun3335d ago

So we've established that you are annoying...keeping with the topic of nobody gives a $hit, is there anything else you care to bore us with?

Pennywise3335d ago

@ Mr. Bun... comment of the day!!! Congrats, I almost spit coffee on my monitor.

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va_bank3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

From the story:

"This is not the first time the company has turned computer games conventions on their heads. Last year it launched the controversial game Under Seige, which was inspired by actual Hizbollah missions"

I wonder which missions.

EDIT: Nevermind, here it is:

"The player shoots at Israeli Defense Force soldiers throughout most of the game. However, shooting at civilians or otherwise hurting them ends the game."

LebaNoob3335d ago

Hezbollah are as far from terrorism as you and I. Don't believe everything the media tells you to ;).

va_bank3335d ago

And I supposed you screen name does not imply that you are Lebanese?

LebaNoob3335d ago

Amusingly, you're the first person to actually get my screen name :P.
I am Lebanese, and I'm sure I know more about my country's politics than an outsider. And no, I'm not Muslim. I don't ride a camel to school either :P.

va_bank3335d ago

So the follow up question is:

Where do YOU learn about your country's politics? Because long time ago I also lived in a country where we were taught that our way was the only way and everyone else aspired to be like us. Then one day it all turned out to be bulls*it, so I moved to US.

The_EE_God3335d ago

But Hizbollah (Hizb Allah) is a TERRORIST organization. The mere fact they forsake the entirety of a country into a self destructive war speaks for itself.

The second thing that he isn't telling you is they are Shi'ite. And yes they did other things outside of Lebanon. One of them was Hijacking a Kuwait Airways plane and throwing people outside of the plane. I'm not going to talk about the executions on the said aircraft.

And for the record, yes I am a Kuwaiti.

Bolts3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Please STFU, how can Hezbollah not be a terrorist organization. These bastards are scums.

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jaffa_cake3335d ago

bombs away
cant wait to play this, history of violence.
well i look forward to taking out mny first building with a back pack.
come on can you be serious please

riksweeney3335d ago

I think I should quickly knock together "Christianity: the video game". Here is a run down of the stages:

1. Build the Earth. Time limit: 6 days
2. Create the garden of Eden
3. Playing as Noah, construct an Ark and round up 2 of every animal
4. Playing Moses, lead the Israelites out of Egypt (you'll need to level up to gain abilities like the power to part water and summon pillars of fire)
5. As Jesus, throw the traders out of the temple
6. Again as Jesus, rise from the dead. Time limit: 3 days
7. Bring the smack down in the second coming

Not sure what to do with multiplayer, but the story mode should last about 220 hours.

jaffa_cake3335d ago

be better then playing murdering scum bags

devilhunterx3335d ago

do you unlock achievements for mass genocides too? e.g. Crusades, Nazism, War on Terror etc

Bolts3335d ago

The War on Terror is a genocide now? There is a difference between building human pyramids from prisoners, which is tame anyways, to tossing Jews into the oven. Next thing you idiots are gonna tell me is how the War on Drugs is a crime against humanity.

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