EUK stores waiting on Resistance 2

Retailers across the UK have yet to receive copies of the PlayStation 3 exclusive title Resistance 2, as distributor Entertainment UK struggles to supply stores before Christmas. has learnt that EUK customers, Zavvi, WHSmith and are still awaiting their supply of the anticipated first-person shooter, originally released on Friday November 28.

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The Killer3459d ago


by the way does any body knows how much R2 sold in NA?
i think the game will sell good in europe and UK!

lociefer3459d ago

it sure will sell hot in the uk , iono if they gonna be on the same servers as the u.s ones tho , but if they do , its gonna be one hell of an online fight

PirateThom3459d ago

Yeah, same servers, had a big 30 vs 30 Skirmish with people from across the globe. Epic stuff.

TOO PAWNED3459d ago

@The Killer

yes they threat us like s%%t! But still got R2, LBP, and Uncharted last week. Europe is most loyal and most important (atm) market for Sony, this is where they sold most PS3 even if we got it on March 2007. And yet they threat us like second class, not cool Sony. But still love Playstation, arghhhh

xenogamer3459d ago

instead of countering comments with other comments, now we are countering articles with other articles to fight back? Come on now guys who gives a sh1t about the sales, dont we all have other sh1t to worry about in our lives to be worrying about game sales? I think the community would be so much better on N4G if we all just relaxed and just talked about how much fun games are, and how are hobby is so kick ass, and just shoot the sh1t.

Ju3459d ago

Hey, Europe got two games (demos) in the PSN which the US didn't get. Stop complaining. (That Sega race game and Capcoms whatever that is game). :)

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chelseafc3459d ago

plenty in gamestation and in game

alexM3459d ago

and so did my cousins

R2 was sold out in 95% stores of game , hmv and play

chasuk083458d ago

Yeh this guy isnt joking, it was incredibly hard to get a copy of Resistance 2 over the weekend. Tesco and Asda were sold out, and Game never had any by me, and Zavvi didnt have a clue when they were getting them.

Austin_SJ3459d ago

I got mine from blockbuster, but I noticed Asda didn't have any.

resistance1003459d ago

Just so you know Woolworths won't be getting ANY new games, blu-ray etc, since they now have no supplier and with them about to go bust, no supplier will give them stock.

If you pre-order stuff from Woolworths, cancel it and go with GAME or Gamestation.

digger183459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

My son pickup mine today, for my late Birthday prezzie. He went to 4 shops and they were all sold out (including Tescos). He finally found a copy in GameStation, but he said there was only two copies left in that shop.

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The story is too old to be commented.