iPhone on track to dominate handheld gaming

Pocket Gamer writes: "It's no secret that iPhone has turned the mobile phone industry on its head, sliding past its smartphone rivals with its sexy design. We know Apple has opened a new chapter in mobile technology, but the real story behind this is how the iPhone is quietly taking over pocket gaming."

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Darkseider3493d ago

LAUGHING! This is just plain funny. The iPhone with no other interface than simple motion control and a touch screen! Ooh wait virtual buttons on its' already limited screen real estate! WIN! LOL!!! What a f*ckin joke. Apple should stick to neat PCs, iPods and phones but please do not for a minute think that the iPhone will garner any serious space in handheld/portable gaming. kthxbye

mephman3493d ago

I agree. I just don't see why people think it's going to be this revolutionary thing.

I know plenty of people with iPhones and none of them would even consider buying games, because they're so rubbish. Is there potential? Perhaps, but by the time that potential is realised, one of the actual gaming hardware companies will have already produced something which beats it.

xenogamer3493d ago

loliphone for gaming? I heard an episode of Podcast Beyond where they were talking about it, even they were making fun of the iphone when it came to gaming.

Blasphemy3493d ago

Dominate, iphone, and handheld gaming do not belong in the same sentence. LOL

ruibing3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Yeah, I have an iPod Touch (thanks MS Live cashback), but I much prefer my PSP or DS Lite for playing most games. My biggest gripe with the iTouch, which is also its biggest selling point, is the lack of buttons.

"Even if only a third of that 100 million can be attributed to games (a reasonable assumption given that a majority of the applications in the store are games), that's 33 million games downloaded since July – a full third of the total number of PSP games sold since December 2004."

I really take editorials based on groundless assumptions seriously. Even if he is right, he should what kinds of software most people download. They are usually free widgets and cheap utilities, not full priced games. From my personal experience, most people just download a cheap promising clone of some 2D game to try it out.

aviator1893493d ago

sure, tons of developers are flocking to the iphone to make games on...but the majority of the games(mostly all of them) are cheaply made and just plain rubbish in quality
for me, this- quantity>quality isn't always the indication that the future of iphone gaming will be any good

TheColbertinator3493d ago

Nope.Its a nice little dream but bringing down Nintendo on the handheld market...I laugh out loud

TheMART3493d ago

Is it?

Name me the top 5 games on the iPhone and their average review score.

I'm pretty sure there isn't a God of War, Loco Roco, Patapon or Final Fantasy Crisis Core on it. And thats even the PSP alone that has to few games already still having those great games....

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