Midway: "GTA 4 has changed gamers' expectations"

Speaking to at a recent press event in London, Wheelman creative director Simon Woodroffe revealed that Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV has changed what gamers expect from an open world action title.

"Our game was already quite different, but GTA 4 moved the bar in terms of what people expected from an open-world driving game," said Woodroffe. "Before GTA 4, open-world driving games generally had more accessible, more arcade-like, handling. Even the previous GTAs were like that. But GTA IV moved the bar towards realism - even super-realism, you know?

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riksweeney3373d ago

GTA 4 changed expectations in that when GTA 5 gets announced, people are going to approach it with a lot of caution.

Scarfy3373d ago

Grand Theft Auto *3* changed gamers' expectations.

GTA4, however, was one of the most over hyped, overrated, and most disappointing games of the year; right up there with Devil May Cry 4...

ultimolu3373d ago

GTAIV was horrible.

I want back the original gameplay in the previous GTA's. :|

mpmaley3373d ago

As long as they take out the dating sim part and have more missions like the bank mission then GTA: <insert city here> could be awesome again.

I don't have a problem w/ dating sims in the likes of Persona but get it the hell out of GTA.

y0haN3373d ago

GTA4 was not disappointing remotely. You guys are morons.

xionpunk3373d ago

@ scarfy : DMC4 was, overall, kickass, Though I will admit the backtracking was kinda lame.

Strelnikov3373d ago

hah, I agree completely

my theory is the people who were disappointed with GTA IV were the people who couldn't figure out the driving and kept crashing into things... the 360 has TWO triggers, people.

gaffyh3373d ago

This may be a little controversial, but GTA4 was crap as were all of it's predecessors. I've had every GTA game because every time the hype machine sis out of control, but the only one that was bearable to me was GTA San Andreas, and even that sucked with it's repetition, but it's the one GTA that I played the longest.

MiloGarret3372d ago

"GTA4 was not disappointing remotely. You guys are morons."

Nope, they're fanboys acting out because it went multiplat, together with dmc4 (which is awesome...) and a bunch of other titles.

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Shane Kim3373d ago

"But GTA IV moved the bar towards realism - even super-realism, you know?"

Yup and that was what made this game suck.

Foxgod3373d ago

you should promote this game you doodoo, then gta 5 may become 360 excluvie.

ravinshield3373d ago

i totally agree with midway

yoghurt3373d ago

Agreed, Ive bought/played all GTA games, but after pre-ordering this one and playing it and promptly selling it I shall be much more cautious, probably rent it first.

MasterChief36243373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

I completely hate that Grand Theft Auto IV "moved towards realism", rather than arcadey gameplay; this is not a good thing.

I know I'm probably alone in this, but I hope this doesn't mean more sandbox games will be realistic. With the recent announcement that Saints Row 3 will be taking a very different path, I'm not anticipating a very arcadey and humorous game like the last two. And now with this article about the driving mechanics in Wheelman being tweaked to be more realistic... Ugh.. I just don't know anymore.

These games need to stay arcadey and fun. Putting them into more realistic territory will take away a lot of the fun (as seen in Grand Theft Auto IV, in my opinion at least), and will also add way too much controversy to an already hot debate subject.

For now, I suppose San Andreas will do just fine, though :)

farhsa20083373d ago

it changed expectations and look how that turned out...

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