Bplus Bringing Niki - Rock 'N' Ball To WiiWare

From "Bplus, famous for being the first licensed developer for the WiiWare service and for bringing us the intruiging puzzler PLÄTTCHEN - twist 'n' paint back in September, have confirmed the development of their second title for the WiiWare service.

Niki - Rock 'n' Ball is a 'Jump 'n' Roll' game, which we're guessing is similar to a platformer. Featuring 2.5D graphics rendered using the PLÄTTCHEN engine (it's also in 480p and 16:9 widescreen), you'll hold the Wii Remote like a lever and flick it left and right to make little Niki roll and jump about to collect ZeLeLi pearls (there's some continuity with PLÄTTCHEN here; if you played the game, then you'll remember that the ZeLeLi were gear wheels, forces of light born from the sun with the power to twist and transform Plattchen tiles)."

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