This Dream Seems Strangely Familiar


"Today's Watercooler features a recorded call from a radio show in which the caller describes these "crazy dreams" he's been having. For some strange reason, I feel like I've experienced this, too."

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Twizlex3519d ago

LOL, was that the same guy that did the Half-Life prank?

Cookigaki3519d ago

Cookigaki has this dream all the time, but woman in the beginning of dream doesn't tell Cookigaki to run, she tells Cookigaki that his penis is big.

Twizlex3519d ago

I too dream that I have a big penis.

Cookigaki3519d ago

Ummmmm....... That's not what Cookigaki meant.


MasterChief36243519d ago

How was this article approved? This is old news, from yesterday..


-EvoAnubis-3519d ago

Think I've had this one too.