Casual Review: The Treasures of Mystery Island Review

Marcus Albers writes:

"As hidden-object games continue to gain in popularity, the market is getting flooded with a glut of games that, on the surface seem different from one another in that they all have different stories, different locations, and different characters. But, when it comes down to the brass tacks of the matter, they are all very similar. Go to a scene. Locate a laundry list of hidden objects. Sometimes the objects have a common theme, most of the time they are random objects that must be located to go on to the next scene. The Treasures of Mystery Island, however, has found a rather unique way to discern itself from the dozens of hidden-object games already available, and it adds a welcome dimension to a genre flooded with mediocrity."

• Gameplay elements new to the hidden-object genre
• Well-drawn graphics
• Challenging gameplay
• Forgiving hint system

• Some objects are hidden too well
• Character models are disturbing

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