Square-Go Review: Red Alert 3

Craig Wilson writes:

"Over the top movie sequences, ridiculous weapons, terrible rock music and an insane, time bending story; Red Alert is back and this time it's turning Japanese. The story picks up with the Soviets facing defeat at the hands of the commie-bashing allies, only to use time travel to erase the man most responsible for the West's victories. In doing so the Russians manage to allow the unguarded Japanese, or Empire of the Rising Sun, to become a third superpower turning the games alternate reality into a dogged three way war for survival.

If you've played a Command and Conquer before then you'll know what to expect as very little has changed. You'll construct bases and rely on ore fields to fund your war machine as you grind away at the enemies defences. The troops are pretty similar as well, the soviets are built around brute force; tens of conscripts supported by giant mammoth tanks and Tesla coils. The allies focus on fancy technological units and aircraft, while the new Empire of the rising sun comes stocked with laser samurai, giant robots and a plethora of other anime influenced troops. They're all fairly well balanced and have more than enough unique attacks to keep things fresh for a while."

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