Square-Go Review - Singstar: Boybands v Girlbands

Daniel Crawford writes:

"SingStar's recent offering, Boybands v Girlbands, reassuringly follows the winning formula set down by its predecessors. Although the title gives the impression it is geared at groups as opposed to the solitary songster, the choice of solo mode is still there along with all the other usual modes including pass the mic, duet and battle, so the shoot off solo artist has nothing to worry about.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of sampling Singstar in the past, the basic idea is that gameplayers have to sing, karaoke-style, to progress through the game. But of course it's not as simple as just singing along, depending how good - or not - you are determines your advancement.

The on-screen sequence of lines gives you an idea where your pitch should be and also shows you when you just aren't hitting the notes. The songs are accompanied by official videos but, if you add an EyeToy, you are instantly the star of the show. As a party game there's nothing that can please a crowd more. In Boybands v Girlbands the 30-strong track list is split into 15 from the boybands and 15 from the girls and includes a variety of artists from varying eras. This makes the game ideal for family get-togethers as young and old are catered for."

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