Game Diary - Mom Sunk My Battleship

MTV Multiplayer: "Back from the break, I can now say that I've played and beaten a "Tomb Raider."

More importantly, I've gathered more intelligence about how Nintendo's "expanded audience" - i.e. my parents - play Wii games.

Observation: The Wii Motion-Plus controller add-on/enhancement can't be released soon enough. People like my parents don't play games every day and certainly shouldn't have to rearrange their living room couches so that they are sitting at angles that allow the Wii sensor bar to read the movements of their Wii remotes. Too much of our time playing a game of Sorry in EA's "Hasbro Family Game Night" was spent trying to get our cursors back on the screen because someone wasn't pointing squarely at the TV. Motion-Plus, make our Wii remotes better. Save us!"

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